KMD is one of the largest IT companies in Denmark, operating on a variety of market sectors – including the medical software segment.

We first started working with KMD in 2012 when they were looking for an outsourcing partner to handle their overhead of work. We were given the opportunity to work on many projects, one of them was dedicated to the medical care sector.

Our team worked on a medical software solution aimed at home care and home nursing system. The scope of this project was to add new functionalities to an existing solution. Our developers created also a completely new, refreshed user interface, according to our Client’s guidelines.

The software is available on iOS and Android platform thanks to our Mobile Division. One of the challenges they successfully completed was streamlining video so that the patients can have online conferences with the doctors at real-time.

When KMD needed to increase the size of their in-house teams, we have provided the necessary skills and competencies. This flexible approach delivers rapid, high-quality results.


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