Feedback Medical Ltd

We enabled Feedback Medical Ltd (a company previously known as, and referred to in this case study, Cambridge Computed Imaging Ltd) create software for a digital Fluoroscopy acquisition system entitled FluoroPro. The system successfully obtained FDA 510k clearance for use as a medical device in 2007.

Our engineers also assisted in creating an image sharing platform, used for teaching and collaboration between clinicians. This is a Cloud-based platform which allows real-time synchronisation of medical image display for multiple users in geographically separate locations.

Futhermore, we have worked with CCI on another medical device: TexRAD. Medical images are used to undertake complex decisions regarding patient care and treatment. TexRAD can be used to extract features – challenging for the naked eye to discern – from images acquired in routine clinical practice.

Listen to what Mike Hayball from Feedback Medical Ltd says about our cooperation.


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