What We Do For You

We help our clients take advantage of new technologies and improve performance in healthcare organizations.

Medical Image Analysis

We specialise in developing medical image analysis and segmentation algorithms which utilise both conventional image processing techniques and modern machine learning algorithms (including a myriad of deep neural architectures). We have already applied these approaches in the assessment of segmenting scans of different modalities and organs (e.g. coronary vessels, brain, lungs, retinal images). For over 15 years we are proud to be a leading healthcare software solution provider.


Medical Image Segmentation

Medical images contain a wealth of information that can be extracted through AI technology in medicine. Our best software engineers have created state-of-the-art medical image segmentation solutions using deep learning. Our machine learning algorithms are precise, advanced, adequately selected or trained and constantly evolving. We can perform semi-automated and fully automated segmentation of internal organs and tumors – on various types of examinations. In addition, our medical image solutions can be used as components and embedded into existing solutions. They support or completely automate the process of manual segmentation. Read more: Medical Image Segmentation.

Medical Software Development

Trust is key, especially in medical software development. With our 15 years of experience in medical software development, we can take responsibility for the complete implementation of your medical project. From support in detailing your needs, through implementation and management in accordance with medical standards, to the delivery of the completed solution. Our interdisciplinary teams, which work on medical software development projects, consist of experienced software engineers, distinguished researchers and a dedicated business team. Therefore, you can be confident that your project will be implemented in accordance with the latest technological solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Increasing the possibility of medical imaging, automating Big Data analysis or improving the work of medical personnel are just some of the potential benefits of using AI in healthcare. Based on years of experience, we specifically develop advanced algorithms calibrated and geared towards the medical sector, machine learning healthcare solutions, innovative deep learning algorithms enabling simulation of the human brain.