We are experienced inclient solutions for medical software

Medical image segmentation

  • heart and coronary arteries (angio-CT)
  • brain (MRI, DCE-MRI)
  • lungs (CT, PET/CT)
  • retinal blood vessels

Medical image analysis

  • computational simulations models
  • real-time image analysis (tracking algorithms) 
  • lesion/organs volume calculation 
  • PACS integration 

Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data algoritms analysing medical data
  • computational prediction models
  • modeling techniques
  • easily implementable AI Docker components

Medical imaging and computational research models are in the veryof our interests.

Our team has been working on

  • computational fluid dynamics, esp. high resolution blood flow simulations in coronary vessels,
  • automated segmentation of arteries in 3d (presented in the interactive version)

and many more.

innovative medical software development both bespoke and outsourcing using machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions

We implement AI solutions in the healthcare industry to develop SOFTWARE AS A MEDICAL DEVICE.

Software solutions in healthcare are heavily regulated and require CERTIFICATION processes.

We have processes in place for achieving accreditation compliant with ISO 13485.

software as a medical device

Who we are at a

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