By partnering in the field of medical technology, together we are changing the world. We are sure you will agree, however, that there are natural habitats on this planet that should remain
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That's exactly why this year we decided to give traditional gifts a new format.
Every year during the holidays we give each other gifts and send each other wishes. This year, together with you we would like to send them to a place where they are especially needed. In cooperation with WWF Poland, we would like to invite you to adopt one of the endangered species – together we can really make wishes come true.

Choose the animal you would like to provide support for, fill out the form and we will take care of the rest. We will virtually adopt an animal on your behalf, making a donation to WWF. And you will receive a special, commemorative certificate confirming your adoption.
We are looking forward to receiving your adoption submission until January 3.


Mongolian Suhak

Grey Seal


Pygmy Owl


Snow Leopard

European Bison


Grey Wolf

Indian Elephant