Do you need state-of-the-art solutions in medical image processing and analysis, and AI medical software development?

Future Processing Healthcare develops AI technologies for healthcare.


Future Processing Healthcare as AI healthcare company

As an AI healthcare company, we leverage the opportunities that artificial intelligence creates for modern medicine by automating and improving processes in diagnosis and prognosis.

We develop advanced machine learning algorithms and AI segmentation components that can be easily integrated into larger medical image analysis systems.










Discover our expertise

Our researchers and software engineers in the field of machine learning and deep learning have more than 15 years of experience designing, implementing, verifying and validating medical image processing solutions. We have been working on the cutting-edge algorithms and AI segmentation components.

Thanks to our broad scientific competence (numerous scientific publications and presentations at conferences such as RSNA, ECR, and MICCAI), we follow a rigorous evidence-based approach to build AI technologies for healthcare. We will verify and develop your idea, as well as propose our own concepts.

As an AI healthcare company, we are experienced in the medical device certification process.

We have developed a great deal of experience in the implementation of R&D projects. We can thoroughly verify your hypothesis, and then turn it into a concrete project.


What do we do?

Over the last 15 years, we have developed competences that now enable us to develop systems based on artificial intelligence. Today, as an AI healthcare company, we can build complex systems for processing and analysing medical data, in which machine learning algorithms are key. The expertise of our scientists and software engineers allows us to comprehensively verify and validate such applications.


With our ability to create complex and comprehensive solutions, we provide support for the full end-to-end data processing chain – from data acquisition, through its processing and analysis straight to the extraction of interesting and quantifiable bits of information from such data.

Medical software development

Thanks to our scientific approach to the realisation of medical projects, our interdisciplinary teams help our clients to carry out their ideas at various stages of development. We perform conceptual, algorithmic, implementation, verification, and validation work. As an AI healthcare company, we take responsibility for our technology.

Extensive experience in analysing various types of medical image data in different organs

We analyse different organs in a variety of image modalities, including CT, MRI, DCE-MRI, PET, PET-CT and angio-CT.

Medical image segmentation

We develop AI segmentation components – advanced image segmentation algorithms that can be integrated into existing solutions. AI segmentation components are a very important part of the process of automating manual segmentation activities. They can automatically outline organs and structures, e.g. lesions, within organs.

Extraction of quantifiable measures and biomarkers

Our teams design and develop advanced algorithms for extraction of quantifiable features of anatomical structures and lesions (e.g. tumour volume), and extraction of biomarkers from medical images.

Machine learning algorithms

We design advanced algorithms tailored to your specific needs. We have extensive experience in both classical machine learning and deep learning. Our scientists and software engineers are actively involved in advancing the state of the art in deep learning at an international level and have published their contribution in top-tier journals and conferences.

Extensive algorithm evaluation process

We can quantitatively, qualitatively, and statistically evaluate algorithms. With a complete set of information regarding the quality of an algorithm, we can rigorously evaluate its performance, which is a key step for clinical evaluation.

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