What to include in your RFI to best evaluate your potential suppliers?

medical software providers how to compare and evaluate
  • By: Karol Kloc

With the scope and complexity of an average software project today, it is more important than ever to have an adequate provider which will ensure investment in technology brings real value to the business and makes it ready for the future. But how to collect needed information about the capabilities of various software suppliers?

In my opinion an RFI (request for information) is an essential element of this process. At Future Processing, we’ve browsed through heaps of Requests for Information (RFIs) we’ve received over the years from our clients and, following a thorough analysis of them, we’ve compiled a list of areas a well-written RFI should cover.

It is not hard to find a technological partner, but it is very hard to find a good technological partner. This is why you have to ask for project management, language skills, or accordance with standards.

As you might read in our previous blog-post Outsourcing – is it all about the money?, while the price is indeed still important, it should never be the sole factor. I’d like to share with you a template we use at Future Processing.

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About The Author

Karol Kloc
I am responsible for business relations in the healthcare department of Future Processing. Our team has vast experience in implementing AI in healthcare projects in accordance with medical standards (ISO 13485).