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We help our clients take advantage of new technologies and improve performance in healthcare organizations.

Medical image processing, medical image analysis, medical image segmentation. We are experts with over 15 years of experience in developing software for medical imaging.

By developing advanced machine learning algorithms and AI segmentation components we create the possibility to automate and support the diagnostic process.

At Future Processing Healthcare we believe that by combining a scientific approach, collaboration with medical experts and clinics around the world and high technological skills we are changing modern medicine.

So, if you have questions about medical software development or AI components –

Medical Image Analysis

We specialise in developing medical image analysis and segmentation algorithms which utilise both conventional image processing techniques and modern machine learning algorithms (including a myriad of deep neural architectures). We have already applied these approaches in the assessment of segmenting scans of different modalities and organs (e.g. coronary vessels, brain, lungs, retinal images). For over 15 years we are proud to be a leading healthcare software solution provider.


Medical Image Segmentation

Medical images contain a wealth of information that can be extracted through AI technology in medicine. Our best software engineers have created state-of-the-art medical image segmentation solutions using deep learning. Our machine learning algorithms are precise, advanced, adequately selected or trained and constantly evolving. We can perform semi-automated and fully automated segmentation of internal organs and tumors – on various types of examinations. In addition, our medical image solutions can be used as components and embedded into existing solutions. They support or completely automate the process of manual segmentation. Read more: Medical Image Segmentation.

Medical Software Development

Trust is key, especially in medical software development. With our 15 years of experience in medical software development, we can take responsibility for the complete implementation of your medical project. From support in detailing your needs, through implementation and management in accordance with medical standards, to the delivery of the completed solution. Our interdisciplinary teams, which work on medical software development projects, consist of experienced software engineers, distinguished researchers and a dedicated business team. Therefore, you can be confident that your project will be implemented in accordance with the latest technological solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for Medicine

Increasing the possibility of medical imaging, automating Big Data analysis or improving the work of medical personnel are just some of the potential benefits of using AI in healthcare. Based on years of experience, we specifically develop advanced algorithms calibrated and geared towards the medical sector, machine learning healthcare solutions, innovative deep learning algorithms enabling simulation of the human brain.


Quality Management System

As a medical software provider with over 15 years of experience, working in close cooperation with experts and medical software companies, research institutions and clinics worldwide, we understand how important it is to meet the specific standards of performance, quality, safety, and efficacy for healthcare products and software. Which is why we are certified as ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.

Furthermore, our internal QMS meets the ISO 13485 standard, as confirmed by the Certificate for the Management System according to ISO 13485:2016. Our knowledge of the ISO 14971 standard and the ability to create healthcare software systems while complying with the IEC 62304 standard will ensure attainment of the relevant certification you may require.

medical software compliant with ISO 27001 with risk assessemnt
medical standards compliant with ISO 13485 in bespoke software development and medical software outsourcing projects

Research projects that require software?

machine learning and r&d or medical projects that need outsourcing provider

Do you have a healthcare research project that needs software dedicated to it? Or maybe your research project require knowledge of advanced data analysis or Machine Learning, all of that compliant with medical standards? Are you looking for an IT partner to develop your innovative ideas and approaches?

Our experts can offer their experience by creating flexible and cost-effective projects, enabling you to get through the complex software development process and verify the proposed hypothesis as soon and as safely as possible.

Because we work in close co-operation with research institutions we understand what is crucial to deliver the proper collaboration’s objectives. Within last year we have provided our academic partners with numerous software development proposals and technical assistance that have helped them requesting for grant applications.

Our internal healthcare research team has already published 10+ papers in top-tier conferences, ​including QIRR at RSNA 2018 and ECR 2019. We have on board 6 employees with a Ph.D. or higher.

Do you want to learn more about AI-related solutions in the development of medical sciences?
Our experts have prepared a series of articles for you where they share their extensive knowledge on new technologies.


Bespoke Software Development

Interdisciplinary Team

Medical software projects, especially those using AI and imaging diagnostics, require enormous domain knowledge. Due to this fact we support our development teams with a deep knowledge of Physics and working in conjunction with specialist physicians ensures we are ready to respond promptly to any complex issues which may arise during the project. Thanks to well–established cooperation with local scientific centres, we can also apply the extensive knowledge of external consultants as and when necessary.


Each of our teams uses both manual and automated testing as well as other methods specifically adjusted to fit healthcare software development and management processes. So on deciding to cooperate with us, the client will receive a thoroughly tested product that complies not only with current medical market requirements but also with the software development standards in force.

Ability to work in medical R&D projects

Understanding the specificity of research and development projects, we focus on quickly verifying concepts designed for each particular solution. Thanks to this ability, within a relatively short period of time, we are able to verify the potentiality of the proposed hypothesis.

Medical Standards

Deciding to cooperate with us, the customer is guaranteed that the medical software we prepare will be manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards. In practice, this ensures that the subsequent process of product certification by our client will be decidedly smoother.

Artificial Intelligence

The competences of Machine Learning are difficult to develop within an in–house team, especially within those created from scratch. In the Future Processing Healthcare Unit, we have teams specialized in this field who know the specifics of the medical market. Probably the most noteworthy of these is the fact that our machine learning healthcare solutions are already operating effectively in the market.

Medical Imaging Analysis

We have the expertise to develop IT solutions in the challenging arena of medical imaging and Big Data. What’s more, the solutions developed by us are already successfully used in the market. Hence we are an experienced healthcare software solutions partner that you can rely on.

innovative medical software development both bespoke and outsourcing using machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions

Medical Software Projects

Take a closer look at some healthcare software solutions that we have been up to.

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We are a company whose mission is to meet the needs of individuals and communities in order to provide them with healthier and safer lives. With this mission in mind, we have tailor-made a Healthcare unit that works on medical software projects, providing advanced, effective and intelligent IT solutions.

Our Company

The core service of Future Processing is software development. Since having started 18 years ago, we have worked with many satisfied long-term clients. Based in the heart of Silesia, we are at the hub of European software innovation; employing and nurturing much of the technical talent that is available from this region.

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We create technology solutions that empower people and organisations to realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to human life.

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Over the years, Future Processing has won numerous awards and gained hard-earned industry recognition. This is the best proof that our company can successfully develop focusing on something vastly different than seeking simply to meet the quarterly financial goals. Creativity is our key.


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